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Pandemic PORCHraits - WNC Musicians (April 2020)

I had been photographing live music performance since the year before. When I find a personal topic or a focus, I tend to photograph it for a very long time almost exclusively. I feel like I had just gotten started with live music photography when the pandemic hit us and everything started to change. Live music is where people gather in close proximity, so it was one of the first things to shut down. I also co-admin a large FB group called Western NC Original Music and I threw out the idea to shoot musicians at their homes, on their porches (or steps, or balconies).

What I wanted was a photo-journalism project; I didn’t charge for these photographs. I wanted to continue my own work, while supporting local musicians even if I couldn’t photograph their shows. What I found was a group of people, who shared their stories with me, each affected by COVID-19 in their own way; some just a little and some exponentially, but who all play a part in the Western North Carolina community by bringing people together through music. In part 1 of this project you get to see musicians in a different way, isolated from their community, and read a bit of their stories as well. Clicking their photo will take you to their full interview.


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    Karl Knierim

    ". Concerts are just such a good vector for transmission that I have to believe they're going to be one of the last things to be allowed by the government and it's definitely going to take people a while after that to really get comfortable with the close quarters. That being said, there is no replacement to live music so people will be back eventually. "

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